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Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette

A wedding of an acquiantance is going to be held some time soon. You are now thinking of what gift you should give the newly wed. But do you know that there is a gift giving wedding etiquette? Yes, there is such a thing. If you are contemplating on giving cash as a gift-  read on first! There is a ‘Cash giving wedding etiquette’ you need to understand!

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 1:

If a guest who receives an invitation can’t make it to the wedding, they are not obligated to send gifts, let alone cash gifts. Wedding etiquette dictates, however, that those who are unable to attend should send a congratulatory card for the groom or for both couples or a simple best wishes note to the bride.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 2:

Cash gifts or any gift items may be sent to the bride or groom’s home before the wedding or to the couple’s new home one year afterwards. This is a way of guests to lessen the burden to the newlyweds, such as how would they transport heavy gift items. Couples need not worry about renting a truct to transport the gifts to their new home. Also, your cash gift will be a great help to couples within their first year of marriage who are still in the stage of raising their own savings.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 3:

Giving cash gifts is not a violation of wedding etiquette. Couples need cash as start up money. They need to rent a new apartment, bigger than their bachelor pad, if any of them has one! To buy toiletries and groceries for the two of them, buy appliances and furniture that the two of them may need. There are many expenses that a couple will face in the first few months of their marriage. This is why giving cash as a gift is a good idea and does not violate any wedding etiquette.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 4:

So how much should you give if you decide to give the couple cash as a gift?

It is a horrible idea that the amount or price of one’s wedding gift should equate to what the couple has spent on your dinner at the wedding reception. This is a very old idea and should be ignored. You can give as much as you want or as little as you want. The couple will appreciate whatever you can afford to give and if they truly value your friendship your presence at the wedding will be seen as the greatest gift you can offer them.

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette Fact 5:

Also, don’t stop yourself from giving cash gifts if the couple has listed their preferred wedding gifts in registry. Buying gifts from the wedding registry list is optional; you can either give the couple the gift of their choice or cash and let them choose their gift.

So, the gift giving cash wedding etiquette fact # 5 is that you can give cash gifts eventhough the couples have a wedding registry.

Here are gift giving cash wedding etiquette for couples:

Wedding registries are gaining popularity these days. But there are limitations on how much the bride and groom may direct gift giving. Gift giving cash is a wedding etiquette violation. You should not tell your guests that you prefer cash rather than gift items or request donations in cash to pay up a mortgage or ask them to give you cash to fund your honeymoon or that gift giving cash is preferred because you will send the money to charity.

Whether you like it or not, asking for gift giving in cash will make you look greedy, even if you claim that the money will go to charity. Also, your guests will fell less generous.

Gift giving of cash is an option to guests. They may opt to give cash as a wedding gift but wedding etiquette tells that you should not, ever, ask for a cash gift. You may use the cash gifts in anyway you want.

If the bride and groom receive cash from guests, accept it and say your thanks, write them a thank you note the way you would do after opening a gift item.

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