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People are always looking to cut costs on their wedding and when you consider the overall cost of a wedding today – who could blame them!

Music at a wedding is essential. Live bands can be expensive and even the cost of a DJ is beyond some people’s budget. A cheaper alternative is to DIY the music and become your own ‘DJ’.

One of the most comprehensive articles on this subject that we have seen is by ‘Recharge DJ’s’.

DIY DJ Wedding

This article covers –

1) What equipment will you need?
2) Should you use your phone?
3) What sort of software should you consider?
4) Playlists- how to prepare and what to include.
5) How to address ‘volume’ issues with different tracks in your playlist.
6) How to check the quality of your files for best results
7) Tips for choosing the right person to be your DIY DJ
8) Why you need to keep your DIY DJ device ‘hidden’!
9) What to consider with table layout when using a DIY DJ.
10) Why you always need more music than you will use on the night.
11) If it all becomes too hard and you decide to hire a DJ for the night- what to look for.

Good luck with the big day- if you are considering a DJ we are sure that this article will be of much assistance.

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