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Unlike most of our competitors Elite Suits is not just a front for a tailor shop. We have a number of different tailor shops making high quality suits for our customers.

It’s a matter of selecting the right tailor for the job. Tailors can’t be jack of all trades. They need to pick a market segment and work within it. We wouldn’t send top quality Holland & Sherry wool to the same tailors who make our Beijing Collection suits. They make a fantastic fused canvas machine made suit, better than many I’ve seen that sell for twice the price but we don’t even send them our budget fully canvassed suit orders. They go to a different tailor who specialises in making canvassed suits and has the staff with the experience and skill to hand canvas a suit. 

We certainly would not send them top class wool and ask them to make a suit. They do not have the skills, experience or resources to make a suit worthy of such high quality wool. Furthermore they don’t have the proper trimmings to make such a suit

If you’re buying a suit made from a world class wool such as Holland & Sherry and the tailor you are about to use also makes suits for $500 then RUN! Get out of there as soon as possible and find a specialist bespoke tailor. The same goes for online purchases. There are some great tailors with an online presence but if the tailor you’re buying your $350 suit from suddenly offers you a Scabal fabric don’t fall for it. They won’t respect the wool.
Why are we different? Well we don’t make $300 suits although we use tailors who do. We also use different tailors who specialise in making different types of suits. In other words, we select the best specialist tailor to make the suit the customer wants. This is what the customer pays us for. To use our knowledge of the Asian tailoring market to get the best suit for their money and if you look at WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING I think you have to agree we do a good job

Offering Elite Suits customers suits made with the World’s Best Wool was a project that’s taken almost a year. Forming the alliances direct with the mills in Northern England was difficult enough but finding the right tailors was a task I hope I have to never have to repeat. There are no shortage of tailors that will offer to make you a great suit for what seems to be a bargain price but while it all sounds good in theory it’s very different in practice. We wanted fully hand stitched suits made from world’s best wool and they all promised us that but what we got back was a totally different story. Machine stitched suits, poor quality trimmings, one even fused the canvas and other substituted cheap wool for what was supposed to be a Dormeuil fabric. 

OK our experience allowed us to recognise these things immediately but could you do the same? The vast majority of people would be blissfully unaware until a short time later when their supposedly bespoke style suit, for which they may have paid a substantial amount of money, started to fall apart. 

Treated properly, a suit of this standard should last for as long as the customer can still fit into it. The canvas should continue to mould around the body with each wear so that the suit actually fits better the older it becomes. However, for these things to happen the suit needs to be constructed properly and for that you need a specialist tailor. We have forged alliances with two tailors that do specialise in these high quality suits. Both of these tailors contract out their skills to other bespoke tailors all over the world including the US, UK and Australia. 

The tailor that makes our ALMOST BESPOKE suits specialises in servicing bespoke tailoring companies. That’s all they do. Handmaking world’s best suits in order to satisfy the demanding standards of some of the world’s best bespoke tailoring houses. Cutting and making to baste stage for the initial fitting then finishing the suit to the highest standard that will satisfy a customer paying thousands of dollars for a bespoke suit. They have agreed to produce suits of this same high standard for us on a made to measure basis allowing us to offer Elite Suits customers garments of ultra high quality at less than a third of the price you would expect to pay at a bespoke tailoring house.

For those willing to pay a little more to have the utmost absolute best quality there is our ROCKSTARS & ROYALTY package. This is something I’m very proud of. We now have one of Asia’s oldest and most prestigious fashion houses offering their skills and expertise to make suits of world’s best standards for Elite Suits customers. With each tailor being required to have an absolute minimum of ten years tailoring experience before being employed and all training conducted under the supervision of a Savile Row tailor. All the trimming are best quality and imported direct from England including the linen and horsehair full canvas so you can be assured that everything in your suit from the fabric to the thread used to sew the buttons is the absolute best there is. These are suits that people go to famous bespoke tailors and pay many thousands of dollars for. When my suit, made from a Holland & Sherry fabric, arrived I wasn’t sure if I should wear it or hang it on the wall as the work of art it is.

Now you can have your made to measure custom suit made from wool sourced direct from the world’s best wool mills and made by world standard bespoke tailors for a price that’s a lot less than you will pay for a factory made off the rack suit with a fancy designer lable in your local department store. Seriously people this is a no brainer. 

We believe this will change the way discerning suit wearers buy suits.

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