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Jakii delivers to all our customers the most comfortable, well crafted and luxurious Jakii custom designed shoes. Our process creates the most exceptional wedding shoes available on the market.


Inspiration for Jakii designs are found especially from the glittering eras of the past, the art deco era and fashionable designer vintage wear being a feature in Jakii’s first range. These collective inspirations are then translated into fabric ideas, detailed sketches, and shoe structure design. All of these ideas are placed onto large mood boards where material ideas and colours are brainstormed for the range.


Step 2 of the design process is bringing together all of the inspiration and creating a tangible design. Technical packs containing all design specifications are first drawn for each Jakii shoe. This is the stage where the last design is created and designed. Careful consideration is placed on both comfort and the designs overall aesthetic at this stage. This is probably the most important part of the design process being fundamental in creating the elements that make a perfect Jakii designed shoe. This stage ensures that Jakii shoes will not only look good but feel fantastic.

Once the lasts are constructed, patterns are then made for each individual part of the shoes. The heels are constructed in this process to carefully maintain the Jakii signature comfort, and sample fabrics are patterned to specifications. All of these elements then come together for the first time to create the first look at the newly created design. Crystal pieces are made from patterns and once the designs are perfected the Swarovski crystals are sourced to complete the designs. Finally bringing together the perfect look for each shoe.


Jakii’s commitment to bringing only the most comfortable and well crafted designer shoes is defined by this step in the design process.

Fit models then wear the samples. At this stage the samples are analysed, straps are altered, and design changes are made. These samples are then re-analysed, re-made, and sometimes, even re-conceptualized as a testament to Jakii’s commitment to high quality design.

Once the samples undergo all the needed refinements, high quality materials are then sourced. From these, samples using the chosen materials and Swarovski crystals are then made into the first look of the shoe as it was initally imagined.


Samples that pass the modification process are then tested again by our fit models for a final assessment and analysis. It is only when the design is perfected that is it confirmed for production.

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