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The LUMINOUS bridal collection is elegant and romantic – stylish for daytime wear, stunning for evening, and just perfect for brides and bridesmaids. Each piece from this collection has been named after a real rose whose personality and demeanour best suits the jewellery. Damask is an heirloom rose which is known for its fine fragrance, Arlequin is a violet rose which blooms once in spring or summer, Stryker is a tender hybrid tea rose and Diamond Doll is a slender pale yellow miniature rose. 

JYJewels was created in 2006 in Sydney by JY Lee after working for several years with an Australian fashion jewellery designer and recently relaunched in 2014. Upon initial launch, JYJewels was immediately picked up by a number of Australian and overseas boutiques including Incu and Alannah Hill (Australia-wide and in NZ) and is currently stocked in London at ICON.AU. 

The JYJ woman loves wearing beautiful jewels (of course), has a killer personality, is a reveller of fun and mischief, a chameleon of well groomed public personas, and a secret or not so secret lover of chilling and general good times. 

Luxuriously opulent colours and a classic monochrome palette? Tick

Ridiculously easy to wear, light-weight and versatile? Tick.

Hand-made with love in Sydney, Australia? Tick.

For women who like to laugh a lot and often? Tick.

JY’s design considerations balance experimentation with new techniques and the ultimate wearability of jewellery. This shows in her current INSOUCIANCE collection as well as her prior collections such as LES 25 REVES and PETULANT ROSE intertwined real roses, slender metal cuffs and chain bracelets, sterling silver charms, antique glass and lustrous pearls to invoke delicate, beautiful jewels.

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