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Looking for something different at your wedding? 
With a high energy and high quality performance, PartySonic is like nothing Sydney’s seen before.
It’s the merging of successful artists from very different backgrounds brought together by a desire to entertain.

Tentrix is a slick duo/trio with six years experience playing Sydney’s most exclusive weddings and private functions at top venues around the city and greater New South Wales. The heart of Tentrix is singer Lisa Pennell and keyboardist/guitarist Marco Ricciardi, two professional musicians who’ve had extensive international exposure over the past two decades.  

Jordan Roach is well known for his solo, duo and trio act that’s played practically anywhere in Sydney worth playing. Over the past 15 years of profession musicianship, singer/guitarist Jordan has earned the respect of his peers and fans alike.

PartySonic is the result of a unique collaboration between two major Sydney based live music acts (Tentrix & Jordan Roach)

Behind the front-line of any good band is what’s known as “the kitchen” – the all important bass and drums combination. is blessed with an incredible kitchen, with bassist Tales Santiago and drummer Claudio King hailing from the country of rhythm, Brazil and pushing out irresistible beats.

You can’t help but become an organic part of the PartySonic pulse. Just try it – you won’t regret.

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