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It gives me great pleasure to offer my services to you as your Marriage Celebrant on your wedding day!

As a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant I am completely aware of my obligations under Australian Law on your wedding day. However, I am also aware that this is YOUR day, and between us we can make it unique and special.

Remember, it is your wedding and it should be conducted your way.

There are many registered marriage celebrants and the vast majority will be able to provide you with a good service for a reasonable fee. I truly believe that I can help to make your day special, because let’s be honest, it is your day. It isn’t my day, it isn’t up to me to decide what you wish to do and how you wish to proceed on the day of your wedding.

You have a million things that need to be attended to before you get married. Flowers, the reception, clothes, who will sit with who and just as importantly who can’t sit with who. Cars, photographers, locations, the list is almost endless. But this is one area where if you choose me I can help you through the process from start to finish but never taking over, always remembering you that it is your day to be achieved in your style.

From the moment we meet my role will be to make you feel comfortable and confident with what you wish to achieve on your wedding day. My style is to give you confidence in the decisions you make and guidance as you work towards having a great day on your wedding day. That being said, I am not going to jump out of a plane with you! If this is what you want for your wedding day fantastic and I can still help by perhaps trying to point you in the direction of a celebrant who is willing to do that. But it wont be me.

As part of getting married you and I have legal obligations that must be attended to before, during and after the performance of your marriage ceremony, but I will endeavour to ensure you are totally aware of all our obligations and that they are seen to with a minimum of fuss. I will be there to guide you, to have input and to use my expertise and knowledge to assist you throughout the entire process and help to ensure you have a great day. But I will never forget that it is your day.

My fees are very reasonable and right from the start I can let you know what you will get for your money. There are no hidden costs and I will be totally up front with you if there are any extra costs for excessive travel or other add ons.

I truly believe that I can help to make your day special. Please contact me for more information.
As I have said before, I always remember that it is your wedding, your way.


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