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Our wedding video footage is a combination of cinematographic approach and wedding story telling planning. Wedding photography is all about the story of the day and captured to the personality of each couple – there is no “style” that is imposed onto any couple, we work out how you’d like to be photographed and work with you on the day.

All of our weddings are planned with our couples and us internally to ensure nothing is missed. We put a lot of thought into the wedding day to ensure we have an un-intrusive and unique experience each time we enter a wedding.

We can have 2.5 videographers and 1.5 photographers on the day in some cases and we cover multiple angles of the same scene. Our weddings are not about the video, they are about your wedding day, our presence is hardly sensed, this is purely as we have planned what we would like to capture with you on your day.

How do we get 1.5 or 2.5 people, that’s easy, we’re all multi skilled and cover what is needed and where appropriate, so one person can float between photography and videography. Some scenes may require 3 photographers or videographers, so we can do the creative shot as planned. In most cases there are 3 people at each wedding, some may require 4 or 5, this can be discussed and planned as needed. No matter how many people people are shooting, we use multiple cameras – in particular at the wedding ceremony, preparations and wedding reception with multiple stationary cameras.

Having multiple videographers on the day as well as using additional unmanned cameras gives us a wide variety of pre-planned angles to work with when we do post production.

Our post production is very time consuming and comprehensive to give you a wedding video experience like no other in Perth. We believe we capture your wedding in the best possible way achievable with the latest technology.

Capturing a wedding is very different to any other form of story telling, one main thing in particular is that you don’t get another chance at it, so you have to get it right the first time. Having a professional and experienced team to capture your wedding day is vital to remembering your day for what it was – an amazing day.

Traditionally, a photographer and videographer are two separate suppliers, and in some cases work together well. One thing that I’ve realised over time is that for a wedding video to work as well as it can, is needs to have both the videographer and photographer with the same mindset, same vision and emotion. We at Spoilt Weddings have been shooting weddings both video and photo for over 8 years, and have got a lot of experience. Spoilt Weddings is a new venture started in 2012 by myself – Peter (a full time professional wedding photographer) and Frans who is a dedicated wedding videographer. We enjoy working together and have a dedicated support team that allows us to provide exceptional coverage, post production on time every time.

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